July 2022

Interest Rate Hike - It's going to be OK!

Posted on Jul 19, 2022 in Informed Buyers

By now you are probably aware that the Bank of Canada has increased interest rates by 1%. At first this may seem alarming,  but trust me we are going to be OK. Watch this video to hear my take and don't come after me coffee lovers!

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Is Staging your Home Really Worth it?

Posted on Jul 12, 2022

I often get asked, is staging worth it? My answer is always yes! I get asked this from prospective sellers and from agents asking if it's worth the financial commitment. It is always worth it. 

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Home Inspections: 3 Things to Watch out For

Posted on Jul 06, 2022

By now we all know the importance of home inspections (if you need a reminder check out 
this interview with Nigel from ENG Inspections) but do you know the three most important things to look out for on your home inspection report? Watch below as I break it down for you. 

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