Setting the Stage for a Profitable Home Sale

Dave Masson - Why Staged Homes Sell for More Money

I wanted to touch on something that I feel is very important to consider when selling your home, staging.

I feel that when you stage a property it increases the chance of having a potential buyer developing an emotional connection to the home. It showcases utilization of spaces they may have not noticed or written off as “wasted space” if it wasn’t staged professionally or if it was left vacant.

81% of agents said their buyers were more likely to buy a home that was staged.

Vacant homes aren’t the only ones that need to be staged. We all live in our homes and will inevitably miss a few things when it comes to preparing the home to sell. It’s nice to have a third party in there to lend an eye and help you put your best foot forward. Staging does cost money, but the return is definitely worth the price. 

Dave Masson - Staged Homes Sell for Top Dollar Dave Masson - Home Stagging

If the look of the home doesn’t convince you, maybe this will:

Home staging, on average, can get you 5-10% more money on your property than you would get if it weren’t staged and  typically sell 20% faster.

When you sell anything you always present it in its best condition, it should be no different when you sell you home. Preparation prevents poor performance, so make sure when you list your home you prepare properly and have it presentation ready!

If you have any questions about home staging or are thinking of selling your home please give us me call. 

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Dave Masson Langley Surrey Realtor